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19 December 2023

My Year as The Sheriff of the City of London

It has been a full and enjoyable year serving you as the Sheriff of the City of London.   As an elected representative I believe I have a duty to report on my performance to my electorate, which I hope many of you will have seen through the various platforms of social media, Member's Reports, and via my website gallery and regular blogs. As the Shrieval year draws to a close, I am pleased to share a summary of the past year.

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13 August 2023

July….soldier, sailor…..

A very busy month filled with significant events…amongst many others.

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12 July 2023

A tale of Three Cities…

June saw visits to key cities of York and Glasgow, and numerous events in the City of London.

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19 June 2023

Of Royalty, charity… three funerals and a wedding

The unquestioned highlight of May - having lost my Father, my beloved Aunt, and Marian her Mum all in the last few weeks - was our getting married at St Bride’s Church followed by a Wedding Lunch at The Old Bailey. Apparently becoming the first serving Sheriff to have been married in their year of office. Oh! And yes, there was a Coronation too.

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14 May 2023

A World First …..

Leaders from the PE, VC, valuation, fund management, pensions, insurance, risk, reinsurance, accountancy, innovation, banking, academic, creative, asset management, tax, and M&A industries gathered at the Old Bailey to engage in a lively debate following ‘A world first’ presentation from Brand Finance.

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08 May 2023

Energy - Context, Clarity and Challenge

Delighted to be the Guest Speaker – alongside Past Master Fueller HRH The Duke of Edinburgh - at the Election Luncheon of The Fuellers where I called for less ‘Greenwash’ and more Context, Clarity and Challenge from experts if we are to achieve a sensible transition to affordable, accessible and acceptable future energy supplies.

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15 April 2023

March…. Quite a month

… Well, it’s been quite a month. In addition to attending some 18 dinners and 13 lunches, there have been occasions of State – The Presentation of Addresses to HM The King at Buckingham Palace as one of the 27 Privileged Bodies (First time since 2012), and the rare Ceremonial Opening of Temple Bar Gates to enable the monarch, or in this case his Representative, HRH The Duke of Gloucester, to enter The City.

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27 February 2023

Lest we Forget…

… February 24th saw the anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Europe’s largest country by landmass, and a European war which has cost tens of thousands of lives on both sides, and Europe's largest refugee and IDP crisis since World War II. But remember, the Ukrainians have been at war with Russia for 8 years, since February 2014, when they illegally annexed The Crimea and Donetsk and Luhansk in the Southern Donbas, claiming them as ‘Federal Districts’.

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06 February 2023

“It’s attitude, not size, that matters”

99% of all businesses in the UK fall within the definition of ‘Small and Medium Sized Enterprises‘ (SMEs). Employing under 250 people, turning over less than £36m and having gross assets of under £18m is a definition, but not a defining characteristic of success.

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23 January 2023

“Smashing through the glass ceiling”

As part of his commitment to raising the profile of women during his Shrieval year, Sheriff Andrew Marsden hosted a lunch in November at which senior women of achievement from a range of careers – including entrepreneurs, insurance, retail, the judiciary, journalism, psychology, engineering, HR, accountancy, waste management, local government, communication businesses and charity – reflected on what is required to achieve senior management success.

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30 November 2022

A relaxing start to the new Shrieval Year…

October and the start to the Shrieval Year…

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13 July 2022

Looking forward to the next chapter

After nine months of campaigning, attending many events and meeting hundreds of liverymen, I was both humbled and delighted to be elected as Sheriff for the ensuing year at a packed Common Hall on a very warm and sunny 24th June. It was a truly wonderful day in every respect and I am looking forward to taking office with my fellow Sheriff, Alderman Alastair King, at the end of September. 

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24 May 2022

The importance of a vote in the election for non-Aldermanic Sheriff

As many of you already know, I have spent the last nine months (longer, really), preparing for, thinking about and ultimately putting my candidacy forward for the High Office of Non-Aldermanic Sheriff of the City of London in the upcoming Common Hall Elections on the 24th June.

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24 April 2022

What is the relevance of the livery companies today?

The Strength of the Livery Company in the City of London – Past, Present and Future – it’s history and benefits.

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03 April 2022

With freedom comes responsibility

Freedom is a poignant topic at the moment. We are seeing its fragility played out before our eyes in Ukraine. With that conflict we can also see the contradictions that go with preserving peace and democracy - notably, that to have them we must be willing to defend them.

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17 February 2022

Voices of the City

Thanks to Paul Jagger @CityandLivery for a fascinating chat! Listen to the full story ....

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25 January 2022

The individual power to effect positive change

Positive change in 2022. There’s tangible evidence to give us cautious optimism, and perhaps most importantly in The City, key upcoming events that give us a direct influence over the direction of that change as well.

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09 December 2021

Speech given at the Supporters’ Reception at Glazers’ Hall

Following the wonderful Supporters’ Reception at Glaziers Hall on the 30 November, and following numerous requests, I wanted to share a copy of my speech, not only for those that were there to reflect upon, but for the many Supporters that sent their best wishes as unfortunately they were unable to join us on the evening.

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06 December 2021

Why I want to represent the City of London

The reasons I wish to represent the City of London, including details of the history of the Shrievalty and the role of the Non-Aldermanic Sheriff

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09 November 2021

All change in the City of London!

Ordinarily, the 25 Wards in The City elect an Alderman every six years. Usually, those elections are not all held at the same time - there’s balance. In addition, every four years, 100 Common Councillors are elected with varying numbers per Ward between two and five. Covid has meant that the last round of elections did not take place. So next year, several different things collide to create a series of changes simultaneously.


Livery committee

24 June 2024

The Lord Mayor of the City of London River Progress 2024

The Lord Mayor has charged his Water Bailiff and Under Bailiff to travel the Thames from the City to the London Stone in Staines on the 28th and 29th June to visit and salute all RNLI stations on route. Read more about the event

Livery committee

24 June 2024

The Masters Weekend 2024 image gallery

Browse the gallery

Livery committee

21 June 2024

Livery Committee’s Report to Common Hall – June 2024

The Livery Committee will present its latest report to Common Hall on Monday 24th June. It includes updates on its membership, courses, and this website. Read the report

Livery committee

19 June 2024

‘Twas a very good year, 2021-22! Birthday Honours announced

The Livery Committee is delighted to congratulate both Sheriffs who served during the year September 2021 to 2022 on their recent awards in His Majesty The King’s Birthday Honours List. Read more about the recipients

Livery committee

18 June 2024

The Mayoralty and Shrievalty – 2024 Aldermanic Appraisal Process

The Town Clerk has written a letter to all Masters, Prime Wardens, Upper Bailiff and Clerks of the several Livery Companies to describe this year’s Aldermanic Appraisal Process. Read the letter

Livery committee

11 June 2024

Annual Pollinator Count – Monday, 1 July 2024

Read more about the day

Livery committee

30 May 2024

Livery Food Initiative seminar at Drapers’ Hall on Monday 1st July

As part of its campaign to raise awareness of the scale of food insecurity and the food redistribution ecosystem, the Livery Food Initiative will be holding a seminar on the theme of “Addressing Food Insecurity” on 1 July at Drapers’ Hall, Throgmorton Street, London EC2N 2AN. There are up to two places available for every Livery Company and Guild. Read more about the event

Livery committee

24 May 2024

Common Council Meeting 23rd May: video now available

Watch the video of the meeting


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10 April 2023

@CityandLivery @citymuso Better ask St Paul…

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05 April 2023

@LiveryWales @CityandLivery Congratulations all, and have a wonderful year.

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17 March 2023

Temple Bar is an astonishing survivor with an amazing history. Now restored with the help of other patrons and live…

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16 March 2023

Lovely to be able to give members of the Farringdon Ward Club a tour of the wonderful Old Bailey. #CityofLondon…

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16 March 2023

@CityandLivery It is of course ‘ A wisdom’ of Past Masters!