Speech given at the Supporters’ Reception at Glazers’ Hall

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Following the wonderful Supporters’ Reception at Glaziers Hall on the 30 November, and following numerous requests, I wanted to share a copy of my speech, not only for those that were there to reflect upon, but for the many Supporters that sent their best wishes as unfortunately they were unable to join us on the evening.


'Friends…thank you so much for being here tonight. It’s marvellous to know you support me in my intention to stand for election next year.

Most of you know that I rarely make serious speeches. But I must answer the question you’ve been asking: why would I want an unpaid, nearly full-time job; living away from home for most of the time…and having to spend a year in tights!

The answer is straightforward. My Freedom Certificate states ‘Citizen and Marketor of London’. It has had pride of place over my desk for 25 years. Being part of The City and especially the Livery, has been an important and hugely rewarding part of my life. So, now that I can, I want to deliver afresh on that promise I made 25 years ago.

As a professional marketer, I’ve spent my life building global brands. I believe my business strategy and marketing skills would complement the insurance and corporate finance skills of the likely members of next year’s Civic team. And there are three big tasks to tackle.

First, there’s an important job to be done marketing and promoting The City:

The City faces existential threats. Be that from Brexit, with the need to establish strong trading relationships outside the EU, while agreeing consistent professional standards within it. From surviving Covid to thriving with it: getting people back together and learning to work differently. From making The City green and pleasant to work in, while encouraging and funding Sustainable projects world-wide. Underpinning all these is our need to encourage traditional values in the context of rapidly changing City governance.

Secondly, there’s an important job to be done marketing and promoting The Livery

I am from the livery. I’m a Past Master, I sit on the Courts of three Companies, I Chair the 15 strong Financial Services Group and I’m on The Livery Committee.

You and I know the enormous force for good the Livery represents. But it too faces existential threats. At a simple level from older members reassessing their willingness to travel into The City post Covid; at another from the need to demonstrate the relevance of what we do to a younger more diverse audience to get them to join us; and from political critics who see the livery as a male bastion of privilege.  My answer is simple. You know the old adage – “Confuse the enemy tell them the truth”.

We must improve our communication skills. We must show people how we don’t just issue money from interest on old reserves, but that we give millions of pounds a year in pro bono time and talent to education and other deserving causes. We encourage diverse people into the professions and facilitate commercial understanding as a force for social good.

Third, there’s an important job to be done marketing and promoting our Charities:

With their income slashed by Covid, compounded by enormous increases in requests for help, many charities are themselves in distress.

A large part of my life has been spent helping charities, and although I possibly can’t take part in the 24-hour soccer marathons I used to (yes, really!), helping charities remains a part of me.

I’ve helped in some high-profile areas of charity work– multi-million visitor venues in education, the arts and physical recreation. But most of my efforts have been in the less sexy areas – drug and alcohol rehabilitation, end-of-life care, The Lord Mayor’s Appeal Board…as indeed has Marian, with her work with a refuge for battered women.

The Shrievalty contributes to the Lord Mayor’s huge convening power, helping to bring focus and support to needy causes and I admit one of my hopes is that Marian and I can help here…

Friends…I am from the Livery, I am for the Livery…and I am for the City.

With your continued help and support I hope, alongside Marian, in this next stage of my life to contribute further to the continued success of our City.

My heartfelt thanks for being here tonight.'