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Mei-Sim Lai OBE, DL

Today the non-Aldermanic Sheriff has to be able to play an important a role in representing the City on the world stage.

I believe Andrew brings the right balance of empathy, humour, professional skills, creativity and a very impressive track record of doing business internationally. He is well connected and of the calibre that will be a great asset to the Civic Team in its ongoing work to draw all parties together to rebuild and promote the City, post BrexIT and post pandemic. 

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Judy Tayler-Smith, BA PGDip, FSA Scot

I have served the ‘Civic City’ for 35 years and sat on six successful Shrieval Committees, so you could say that I know a good Shrieval candidate when I see one!

Andrew brings excellent business credentials and an extensive involvement in the ‘Civic City’ where he is much liked and respected.  He also has strong charitable experience and a highly personable style that is so important for the role.  I believe Andrew’s accomplishments and capabilities qualify him as an outstanding Sheriff.  

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Sue Algeo, Master World Trader

Outgoing and friendly, Andrew is extremely generous with his time. He has enthusiastically shared his considerable expertise in Marketing and Branding, contributed to the Finance and Risk Committee and advised on matters of Diversity and Inclusion.

He is committed to helping those who are worse off than himself. He is a fine public speaker with an entertaining style which he combines with a razor-sharp grasp of the subject matter.  Andrew knows the financial and business side of the City like the back of his hand and, having been in the Livery for over thirty years, has an excellent knowledge of City’s history and traditions. He is a man of high integrity and great warmth.

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Lady Lenzie

Over many years Andrew has been unstinting in bringing his wide business acumen and experience to bear for the benefit of the not-for-profit and voluntary sector, including serving as a trustee at Marie Curie Cancer Care, Sheffield City Trust and Crime Reduction Initiatives prior to joining the Board of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.  Andrew also brings his valued support to numerous other City events, such as the Big Curry Lunch (where he has served on the Board), the Annual City Prayer Breakfast and DragonFest, a community event which fundraises for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.  Andrew’s well balanced commitment to the business and voluntary sectors would seem to equip him ideally for the role of Sheriff.  


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John Farrell, Master Marketor 2021-22

Andrew is someone I have known my entire career. He enjoys an unblemished reputation in the marketing community and has contributed widely on innumerable professional issues.

Andrew’s passion for the Livery and the City is clear for all to see, and his professional skill set has meant that he can bring great added value to his City interactions.

It gives me particular pride and pleasure to heartily endorse Andrew.

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Adèle Thorpe

Andrew is an experienced and enthusiastic City doyen whose love and knowledge of the City gained through numerous city roles underpins his desire for and his capability to excel in this opportunity.  Promoting the benefits of the City and the financial industry will naturally benefit from his vast experience in building brand value.

His board level charitable appointments also combine his empathy with those less fortunate, with his long career in managing businesses. 

Andrew’s friendly personality shines through and makes all in his large network within the City feel special.

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Amanda Mackenzie OBE, Chief Executive Business In the Community

It would seem essential to have someone who can bring to the role business success combined with city knowledge and insight and then deliver that with modesty wisdom and a great sense of humour.  Andrew Marsden is a more than a fitting candidate.

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Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, Former Director General, The Confederation of British Industry

Andrew understands the needs of business yet has a profound sense of the requirement to balance these with the needs of those less able to fend for themselves. He is energetic, truthful and determined. He works with and for people. These are the characteristics we need in the approach to the post Brexit world where we must attract business to the City and develop ‘Brand UK ‘abroad as never before.

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Dr Trevor Brignall, Master Marketor 2022-23

Andrew brings the unique range of skills the Livery and the City seek from a successful Shrieval candidate. He is a tremendous supporter of both the Livery and City organisations.  I cannot remember another Non-Aldermanic Sheriff having this depth of senior executive international experience.

Actively involved with of a range of charities, Andrew has also advised third sector organisations and led strategic reviews for government departments.

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Keith Weed CBE, CMO Unilever

Andrew has an extensive understanding of international business and knows the importance of recognising the many cultural and social differences in pursuing opportunities around the world. His natural empathy for others and his respectful approach to different communities and cultures gains support where others often struggle. Andrew is someone you can trust to get things done. His energy is palpable and infectious. He is focussed and brings real clarity to complex situations.

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Richard Eyre CBE

Andrew Marsden is a marketing thoroughbred with enormous experience in international business. He brings an authentic charm to his dealings with leaders in business, government and the charitable sector alongside his passion for the role of the Livery Companies in the modern life of the City. 

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Keith Bottomley CC - Vice Chair of Policy at City of London Corporation

I have known Andrew for 30 years. His international businesses experience, entrepreneurial talent, civic city credentials and general positive attitude to all he undertakes mark him out as an outstanding candidate for the shrievalty. 

Andrew has my full support and also enjoys broad based and wide support. I know that he will apply himself fully to the role and wants to be judged on the positive difference he makes. 

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Chris and Corinna Edge, Liverymen of the WC of World Traders and both Past Deputy Mayors in the London Borough of Merton

We have known Andrew for nearly 30 years through British Junior Chamber, and through various City organisations. 

Andrew has always shown great professionalism, excellent speaking abilities and clear leadership skills.  He will unselfishly help people, young and old, and goes that extra mile to ensure things get done.  He never shies away from difficult decisions; we are confident he will do an outstanding job.

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Dame Dianne Thompson DBE, former CEO of Camelot

Andrew has a vast experience of international business which will be vital in a post Brexit world. He is a great representative for business as a whole and would be an excellent ambassador for the City and our financial services around the world.

Andrew is a thoroughly decent human being - warm, compassionate and extremely giving as can be witnessed by the time he has devoted to the charity sector.

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Dr Jane Collins, Chief Executive, Marie Curie

Andrew Marsden brought his UK wide and international experience to Marie Curie, demonstrating a knowledge and understanding of the needs of our business and always being focussed on our beneficiaries now and in the future. It seems to me that these skills would be as much benefit to the City of London as they were to me at Marie Curie.

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Dame Cilla Snowball DBE, Former Group Chairman and CEO of AMV DDBO

Andrew has considerable experience and clout in the world of marketing and is a much respected practitioner. This was evident in his chairing of the Advertising Standards Code Review, the first full review in 50 years. His open and independent approach helped him navigate highly complex negotiations between government departments and the numerous trade bodies involved, steering it to a successful and universally admired conclusion.  Andrew is a man of both integrity and intellect. It is good to have him on your team.

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Lord Bernard Hogan-Howe Kt, QPM– former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police

I first met Andrew 30 years ago when he was President of Sheffield Junior Chamber of Commerce. His personality and values have remained unchanged.

Andrew has a huge energy and infectious humour which can light up a room. I know him as man of the highest integrity and he seems a very appropriate choice as the Non Aldermanic Sheriff. He has also shown great resilience and a commitment to public service. I am confident he will be a dedicated public servant and an incredible ambassador for the City.

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David Gregson, Co-founder Phoenix Private Equity and Chairman of the LTA

Andrew is an outstanding intellect with a clarity of thought and action that enables him to cut through and get quickly to key issues.

I first met Andrew as a trustee of the leading social care charity in the UK where he brought an insightfulness towards, and compassion for, a complex and sensitive area.

As the UK heads towards an uncertain future outside of the EU, I cannot think of anyone better to address the challenges this will present.

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Lesley Batchelor OBE, former Director General, Institute of Export and International Trade 

Andrew’s breadth of experience across all disciplines gives him a real perspective on international trade. The City needs a mind of Andrew’s calibre to build the necessary bridges as we move into emerging trading markets beyond the EU. 

Andrew has a great skill as a communicator. He crafts his messaging to hit the mark in a constructive, honest way. His business acumen, mental agility and tenacity are exactly what is needed to help navigate and steer business safely through the unchartered waters outside the EU.

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Rooney Anand, Chief Executive, Greene King Plc

The clarity of his thinking and analysis cuts through to the core of the issues to be resolved, whist his natural gravitas and engaging manner gets teams to work together in an energetic and productive way to find creative but practical ways to solve them. 

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Dr Terry Masters, CEO of Aon ReSolutions & Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Insurers

I have worked with Andrew under his Chairmanship of the Financial Service Group of Livery Companies. He has shown great leadership, is inclusive but challenges the status quo and works incredibly hard on behalf of others to improve the position of all. I have no doubt that with his boundless energy and experience he will do an excellent job.

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Gus Machado, Court Assistant, Worshipful Company of Information Technologists and Trustee of Worshipful Company of Information Technologists Charity

Andrew is an experienced, inspirational, and creative business leader with over 30 years’ experience in the commercial and charity sectors and has dedicated much of his recent life contributing to a whole host of projects and initiatives in the City of London. I had the great pleasure of working with him as the Chair of the FSG, and in supporting him on a major trip he lead to China. With extensive experience of the City and its governance, he will offer the Lord Mayor great support. I highly commend him for the position of Non-Aldermanic Sheriff.

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Græme Gordon BSc BFP FCA, Immediate Past Master; The Chartered Accountants’ Company

Having seen Andrew in action as Chair of the City’s Financial Services Group and in other key roles over the years, I endorse his candidacy as Lay Sheriff in the certain knowledge that he will not only be a support and boost to his brother or sister Sheriff, but a great bolster for the Lord Mayor and a significant benefit to the civic life of the City during his tenure, both in the UK and Internationally.

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Michael Dalton, Deputy Master of The Worshipful Company of Glaziers & Painters of Glass

Andrew joined the Glaziers in 2019 and has recently been elected to our Court.  His knowledge of the City in all its manifestations is formidable, and it is hard to think of anyone better equipped to serve the City in this capacity.  Although I have only known Andrew since he joined our livery, he has already made a considerable impact through his active involvement.  Definitely a “doer”, and able to spread his time advantageously across the many organisations he embraces.  Andrew’s support of the Glaziers is much appreciated, and we are also pleased to have welcomed Marian into our fold.

Alderman Professor Emma Edhem

And what a fabulous float the Marketors gave us and an even more fabulous Sheriff! Andrew is a superb appointment at a time when small businesses are struggling to find their way through the current fog. His creative and open mind makes for a hand that will guide them well.